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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order less than 100 pairs of socks?
Since an initial production setup is required for each new sock design, orders under 100 pairs are unfortunately not possible.

Can I order a sample of my design first?
We usually produce your socks without having a sample of the final sock made beforehand. Our process is well-engineered and is subject to the four-eyes principle. Since we have direct contact persons on-site of production, we carry out a pre-production inspection to ensure that the pattern / design and colors look as desired. Should a pre-production sample be required, this can be produced for an additional charge of 275.-. The production process is delayed by about 2-3 weeks. For orders of at least 1000 pairs, the cost for a sample is included in the final price.

The material and size you can examine by ordering a pair of sample socks here. The cost of the sample are deducted from the final price when you place an order.

Where are the socks made?
Our production partners are manufacturers in Europe and Asia, which we select according to model and production quantity. Find out more about how our socks are made here.

Where can I upload my logo?
You can upload your logo by sending us a design request through our Request Form. After completing and sending your request, you will get your personalized design propsal within 24 hours.

Can I print the socks with photos?
Our socks are not printed, but woven. Only abstract shapes and limited to six colors per sock are a possibility. Read more about how our socks are made here.

How many colors can my socks have?
Due to the weaving technique, a maximum of 6 different colors are possible for a design. Read more about how our socks are made here.

Can I create a design myself?
If you already have a design, feel free to send it to us. Simply create a request here and choose the option to upload your own design. We will check if your design applies to the guidlines of our production.

What is possible in terms of production technology?
The heel and the top should be monochrome. Due to the stretch we recommend to keep the waistband in one color as well. Not all logos are suitable for the knitting pattern. Logos with small details or fine lines are only feasible from a certain size. We are happy to advise you individually in the selection of your design. Read more about how our socks are made here

What sizes are the socks?
Our standard size fits from approx. Size 38 to 45. On request we also produce several size variations, also children’s sizes. The minimum order quantity of 100 pairs of socks applies per size.

How long does it take for my socks to be delivered?
After you have decided on the design and confirm the order, we will send you the bill. After receipt of payment, production begins, which usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. Then the socks are packed and shipped, which takes another 1 week.

Can I order a sample first? 
You can order a sample here for just 9.90 per pair. We will ship it to you free of charge and within two working days

What material are the socks made of?
The classic socks and sneaker socks are made of 80% cotton, 18% polyamide and 2% spandex. The sports socks are made of 75% cotton, 20% polyamide, 5% spandex.

What’s the difference between classic socks and sports socks?
The sport socks have reinforced soles and are more elastic thanks to their higher spandex content. The shaft is ribbed.

How much are the socks?
The exact price list can be found here.

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