Free Design | Free Delivery

Hello, we are Sokke!

We love socks! We combine our trade expertise with the right instinct for trends and design. On the following page you will find more information about the production of our socks, and what you should pay attention to.


First, we’ll do a little research about your business to find out what design suits you best. Depending on what information is available, we adhere to your design guidelines, sent documents or website design. If you already have a particullar idea of your socks, we will check if it can be implemented and produced.


If you like the design, we will create the production templates. We choose the colors from a catalog of over 1000 colored threads. Once you give us your “good for print”, we go into production. Production usually takes between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on capacities. Delivery to your door usually takes another week.


We work with a network of well-established and experienced producers in Europe and Asia. In choosing our production partners, we pay special attention to maintaining high social standards, high quality and sustainable production.

The Rules of the game

Achilles' Heel

The heel and toe parts are knitted in a circle, like a tube. For this reason, the machine is not able to knit patterns in that area. It is however possible to choose different colors for cuff, heel and toe.

The devil is in the details

Some logos might not be suitable for a knitting pattern. Patterns with too many details or thin lines might not be possible to produce with our machines. When creating your free design proposal, we take this into consideration and always create a design that is possible to produce.

Too many colors!

Our machines are able to process up to six different threads of color per design. We will match the colors of your design with over 1000 color threads available to us, to get as close as possible to your brands visual identity.